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Virtual Servers

Fast and deployable virtual servers with high end specifications.

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Game Hosting Servers

High Frequency, DDOS protected servers for your game needs.

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Shared Hosting

Website hosting with fast and simple setup.

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Reseller Hosting

Would you like to become your own host and create websites for your customers? This is the best option for you!

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Teamspeak Servers

Need to speak with friends or setup a special voice server?

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Using Cl2Host to build your site means never worrying about designing pages. We have components that help make your life easier.

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Powerful Servers & Guaranteed Uptime

We guarantee that your servers will be up and running at maximum capacity.

  • NVMe's for fast deliverability
  • DDOS Protected Servers
  • High Bandwidth
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Start working with CL2Host that can provide everything you need for your hosting desires.